Cost of Innoson Cars In Nigeria

One of the reason why a well researched content on price of innoson cars is a must would be because the brand is here to stay and no matter what politics are played today, Innoson is a brand that has already got its roots planted in the hearts of many Nigerians

Perhaps you’re someone looking for a strong and durable custom made car to make it easy for you to run your daily deals without a hassle, Maybe you just looking for a locally made car that stands out among peers or just quality at a very affordable price. Rest assured, today we are focusing on one of Nigeria’s most popular car brand that has come to stay – Innoson Cars.

Innoson cars price in Nigeria

As you Read on, you are going to learn about Innoson cars, the average cost of Innoson cars in Nigeria as well as know the different cars manufactured by Innoson motors right on this page

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When we talk about the top locally made quality cars, Innoson cars should be one of the top brands that comes to heart because no matter what, Innoson remains one of the Most Popular African car brands that is fast dominating the African market today.

Popularly known as IVM Several models of this vehicle have been released to the market and have received a lot of acceptance from both local and international buyers.

This is because cars manufactured by Innoson Motors are durable, affordable, economical and offer a great number of other benefits.

Don’t worry we shall be letting you know the cost of some of  latest Innoson cars today on


About Innoson Cars


Before moving on to cost of innoson cars in Nigeria, lets talk about the Innoson Cars.

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Co. Ltd also known as IVM is an automobile company located in Nnewi, Anambra State, Nigeria.

For Clarity sake, Nnewi is one of the many beautiful cities in the Eastern Part of Nigeria, West Africa.



Innoson Motors was founded by a Nigerian man known as Innocent Chukwuemeka Nwala in 1978 and has become one of the few made in Nigeria automobile brands today.

Mr Innocent Chukwuemeka Nwala started by selling new imported motorcycles for about N150,000 and the fairly used ones for about N100,000 back in the years

However, in 1987, he decided to venture into manufacturing his motorcycle which was sold for as low as N60,000. This was the first motorcycle manufactured in Nigeria.

Ever since then, his customers fell in love with his products and this explains how the company grew to the level is it today!

Innoson Motors have grown to a level where their vehicles are not only found on the roads of Nigeria but in other African countries like Ghana, Sierra Leone and Mali, etc

Innoson Motors has made it a determination to dominate Africa Automobile industry which is the reason they are nicknamed as the “Pride of African Road”

Today, Innoson has manufactured cars used by Nigerian security forces including Nigerian Road safett, the police and the Army.

Just recently, news gathered a situation where members of Nigerian Senate rejected Innoson Manufactured cars for the reason that the company is locally owned and not as trendy as they want but does that stop the brand from being the pride of African Road? Not at all!


Innoson Motors Factory Address


No 2 Innoson Industrial Estate, Akwa Uru, Uru Umudim, Nnewi, Anambra State, Nigeria.


Innoson Motors Showroom Address


Abuja – 759 Cadastral Zone, E24, Wawa District, Abuja FCT, Nigeria.

Lagos – Plot 1, Block A, Amuwo Odofin Industrial Estate

Lagos – Oshodi/Apapa Expressway, Lagos.

Enugu – Plot W/L Industrial Layout Emene, P.O Box 1570, Enugu, Enugu State.


Innoson Motors Brand Ambassador


Mercy Ike who is the first female to win the Big Brother Naija (BBN) became the brand ambassador to for Innoson Cars.


Top Innoson Cars and Price List


Kostville has decided to highlight some of the latest Innoson Cars and their prices in this section. Meanwhile, you should know that these prices are from Innoson which are bound to change anytime.


However, you might end up buying these cars at higher prices due to the fluctuation in the value-added tax (VAT) which is currently at 5% of the fixed price.

So the prices given for each car in this article will include the manufacturer price and the market price which has the VAT added


Innoson Cars Price in Nigeria

In This section, we are going to make a list of all Innoson manufactured vehicles available in the market today as well as the Manufacturing price and price after Value added Tax (VAT)

Innoson Fox Price in Nigeria

The manufacturing Price of Innoson Fox is N3,520,000 while the price with VAT is N3,696,000


Innoson Umu Price In Nigeria

The manufacturing Price of Innoson Umu is N3,630,000 while the price with VAT is N3,811,500


Innoson Carrier 4WD Price In Nigeria

The manufacturing price of Innoson Carrier 4WD is N6,490,000 while the price with VAT is N6,814,500


Innoson Carrier 4 x 2 Price in Nigeria

The manufacturing Price of Innoson Carrier 4×2 is N6,050,000 while the price with VAT is N6,352,500

Innoson G80 Price in Nigeria

The manufacturing price of Innoson G80 is N27,825,000 while the price with VAT is N29,216,250

Innoson G40 Price in Nigeria

The manufacturing price of Innoson G40 is N17,327,000 while the price with VAT is N18,193,350


Innoson G6 Price in Nigeria

The manufacturing Price of Innoson G6 is N6,600,000 while the price with VAT is N6,930,000

Innoson G5 Price in Nigeria

The manufacturing price of Innoson G5 is N6,380,000 while the price with VAT is N6,699,000

Innoson 6540 Price in Nigeria

The manufacturing price of Innoson 6540 is N7,150,000 while the price with VAT is N7,507,500

Innoson 5000 Price in Nigeria

The manufacturing price of Innoson 5000 is N5,280,000 while the price with VAT is N5,544,000

Innoson 6601 Price in Nigeria

The manufacturing price of Innoson 6601 is N11,440,000 while the price with VAT is N12,012,000

Innoson 6800 Price in Nigeria

The manufacturing price of Innoson 6800 is N13,310,000 while the price with VAT is N13,975,500

Innoson 6857 Price in Nigeria

The manufacturing Price of Innoson 6857 is N24,200,000 while the price with VAT is N25,410,000

Innoson Granite Price in Nigeria

Innoson granite price in nigeria

The manufacturing price of Innoson Innoson Granite is N25,000,000 while the price with VAT is N26,250,000.

Innoson G20 Price in Nigeria

The manufacturing price of Innoson G20 is not yet released.


Admiring Qualities Of Innoson Cars


Innoson cars are affordable – They have a wide range of vehicles with different price tags and all of them are affordable. All you can do is to pick the one that beats your budget.


Cars are durable – Imagine cars made for African roads, so you should expect it to be rugged. They are most likely to last longer.


They are innovative – They started with a motorcycle but today you can see some of their beautiful and great cars released lately. This shows how innovative they can be.


Meanwhile, the demand for their IVM G80 (G Wagon) is rising because of its beauty and uniqueness.


You will get to negotiate with humans and not machines – This is an opportunity to negotiate and make them a close business partner

Things You May not Like About Innoson Cars

Innoson cars are locally made – Although some people appreciate the fact that it is a local brand while others believe that foreign brands are better.

Whatever your opinion might be, I will advise you to be after quality.


Conclusion – Top Innoson Cars and Prices

This post answers the question “what is the cost of innoson cars in Nigeria” but we must make it clear that Innoson Motors are always reachable via call or email

Also, while we have listed the prices of Innoson cars, we would like to make it clear that prices are may change in response to some certain factors however, the prices above are the current prices for innoson cars as at when this article was written.

Keep a date with KostVille as updates would be made whenever a change arises!

One more reason why Innoson cars are admired across Nigeria is  that They’re always adorable and as well as built with the features that would enable them thrive and serve you better in our Terrain.

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Image Credits: Innoson website, Google image search


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