Author: Jonathan Angie

Prices of Huawei Phones in Nigeria

Today on, we are making known the latest prices of Huawei phones in Nigeria today.   Huawei phones are fast becoming the top of choice for people with a great taste of phones of great functionalities.  Newer versions of the Huawei phones keep popping out with wonderful features and specifications where you can find them

How To Buy Google Drive Storage

Today on, we are going to make it easy for you to buy Google drive storage. We will achieve this by ensuring you get a piece of good and credible information about Google drive storage, pricing as well as the cost requirements for google drive storage  The advent of Cloud Computing as introduced by

What is the Price of Electric Cars

What is the average price of an electric car? I never knew what an electric car was until the day my boss at work asked me the same question you are asking presently.    Well, you should be familiar with the usual fuel cars that you see roaming around your street because electric cars are uncommon

Price of Movie Ticket In Nigeria

On this article, shall be discussing the prices of movie tickets in Nigeria. Watching movies at the cinema alone or with a company has always been an interesting experience. You already know there are several places you can always visit whenever you are less busy to catch some fun. A cool place like a cinema